Nabo farm 1

Nabofarm (Danish for Neighbourhood farm) is a recent Copenhagen Urban farm founded by entrepreneurs Jens Juul Krogshede and Sebastian Dragelykke. Located on the premises of an old auto repair workshop in the outskirts of the old quarter of Copenhagen, the farm grows a range of vegetables including sprouts and microgreens like watercress, radish, pea shoots and rocket Arugula. 
The production methods build upon hydroponics & artificial light techniques and have the ambition of using resource-efficient cultivation methods. These include: close to consumer production, no use of pesticides, longer shelf life, zero waste from packaging and shorter transportation times for produce. The concept is to grow plants 3 times faster than normal, whilst at the same time, reducing the water consumption by up to 90 percent.

The farm is based upon harvesting techniques which take advantage of human labour, rather than through automated use of harvesting technology. Customers include families and restaurants located throughout the City of Copenhagen, with daily deliveries taking place by bike.

Naboform engages in a range of projects that aim to contribute to a transformation in green food production systems. One example is the GrowBot & RoboPlant project, which are being undertaken in cooperation with the Department of Geosciences & Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen. They are both part of the SESAM program that aims to encourage the active promotion of educational farming for young people within schools and to thereby to engage pupils in the transformation towards sustainable food systems. In the GrowBot & RoboPlant pilot project, Nabofarm has assisted in developing specifications for a lightweight unit that schools could build for themselves and which potentially feature, active sensors to measure growth parameters.