Social garden in Bulgaria


An UA Business initiative, located in Negovan, a peri-urban satellite town of Sofia

Blizkata Ferma is a family run organic and regenerative farm specialising in direct sales. The business has a clear mission to protect soil, provide healthy food and to produce the least possible waste. The farm specialises in production of salad crops, but also grows carrots, radishes, cucumbers and a variety of other vegetables. The business organises a “green leaves” basket scheme through regular subscription, but can also provide one-off orders upon demand. The produce is also sold at a weekly local farmers’ market within the City of Sofia. In addition to this, the farm organises a children’s programme under the title of “Muddy Adventures”. This consists of diverse events including cooking camps, interaction with farm animals and planting and harvesting of farm produce. The business concept has been developed by the farmer, who has more than 20 years’ experience as an agronomist. He has also extensive experience in crop protection techniques, having worked in the agrichemical industry. This experience has helped to shape his view of organic and regenerative farming as being the future of agriculture. The management activities of the farm also involve undertaking promotional activities and the organisation and development of the children’s programme. Although the farm infrastructure has been developing over a number of years, the farm has only actively been selling its produce since 2019.

The case stay is interesting as the farm is one the first entirely business-oriented case studies from around Sofia which has also developed a clear sustainability and social responsibility ethos. This has occurred in addition to a general diversification of farmactivity. The initiative, is currently in a phase of growth and is actively engaging with local authorities. It is now an opportune moment to follow how these interactions affect the development of the initiative.

Concert for salads