Video diaries

Dear EFUA Team,

Due to the impact of Corona, the first EFUA conference planned to be held in Italy has had to be postponed. The “FACTS” Conference organised by “Risorse per Roma” will now take place in Spring 2022.
Whilst this is unfortunate, it also creates the opportunity to try out some innovative new approaches in the meantime; our idea is to ask people on the ground, like YOU (including those who submitted case studies for the EFUA Projects Map), to create and share some inspiring video footage about your project.
This will then be used to highlight the richness and diversity of UA projects. In addition, it will showcase the benefits, the challenges and the lessons learned from projects and will thus stimulate open discussion and networking through the process. 

To do this though, we need your help…

We would like you to provide us with some raw video footage of your project which can be edited into clips of about 3 minutes in duration.
Luckily, the technology required to do this is readily on hand these days – indeed, a standard smartphone or digital camera provides all the necessary video capability, which can then be edited by our partners and professional film makers MAMMUT Film.

To ensure a successful outcome though, it would be helpful to receive video material in a standard format. We have therefore specified a few guidelines for you to work with - material should include:

  • A close-up or medium perspective video clip, in which you (the project leader or spokesperson) tell us about the inception, development and unique aspects of your project;
  • Video footage covering material highlighted in the presentation (previous point);
  • Potential footage of the group working or undertaking activities related to what is discussed in the presentation;
  • Plans or graphics showing the physical aspects of the project (where available);
  • A photo gallery of the project to be used in an editing sequence (where available):
  • If the footage is not in English, a text file (possibly with a time code) which can be easily understood or translated by us. 

The film quality would ideally be in full HD: 1920x1080 in a landscape format - most smart phones can easily shoot to this standard. It is also important that the audio is clear. It will therefore be necessary for the person filming to check that the microphone (of the smartphone or external) is close to the person speaking so as to have a clean audio pick-up.

We really look forward to your participation in this innovative project. Together, through the creative power of video and using everyday technology, we can share and co-build knowledge of Urban Agriculture.
Most importantly though,  this can be enjoyable – we hope you will participate and have FUN making your video!

All video material must be received by 12 September.

P.S. The resulting videos will be used within the European Forum On Urban Agriculture. But you can also use the professional edits to promote your own project across several media channels.
So you and your project will receive a free professional video editing for free. All you need to do is to share your footage with us.

Kind regards,

Daniel & Ian